Emerald Stream Marketing & Design

Creating websites & marketing materials that help you focus on the things you love.

Everything we design is crafted with owners & users in mind.

*providing personalized service in Ithaca, NY & surrounding areas & supporting locals via the free LocalsTompkins directory

Some of the services we offer

Website Design

From basic one page sites to fully custom sites, we offer a variety of options to fit your needs and budget. We can also fix issues with existing Wordpress and raw code websites.

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Graphic Design

Are you just starting and need help defining your brand? Or are you looking for someone to create professional business cards, ads, or other marketing materials?

We can help.


Just want some help building your own site or keeping one we made for you up to date?

We can teach you how.



We’ll provide you as little or as much help as you need, explaining the parts you don’t get in a way you can understand.


Our sites are designed to maximize the number of people who find and visit your site (SEO), realize you have what they need (marketing and accessibility), and take the next step.


Our design process includes getting to know what makes you unique so we can create a site and marketing materials that are uniquely your’s.

Don’t leave your website visitors stranded

Life without a website can be like waiting for people to find you at the end of a dark and lonely road. Life with a poor website isn’t much better.

We’ve all been to websites that are an agony to use – confusing and hard to read or initially impressive but leading nowhere like a washed out bridge just yards from your final destination. Even worse, the owners of these websites are probably unaware of the problems plaguing their visitors.

To spare your website visitors this agony, we travel through every site we build from beginning to end to make sure the journey is as smooth as possible so no visitor is left stranded along the way.

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