5 reasons to have a website even if you’re on social media

It depends. Social media such as Facebook can provide a quick and easy way to connect with potential customers and readers, but it does have a number of significant limitations that having a personal website can help you overcome.


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Reduced control over what visitors see:

Social media sites limit what you post and how it’s posted. As a result, any information you want to present other than what the social media site naturally highlights can get lost.

Gatekeepers blocking visitors:

Many social media sites greatly restrict what people can see without setting up an account and logging in, sometimes even preventing visitors from seeing anything until they’re logged in. Even Facebook and Twitter have occasionally done this to casual visitors.

This can prevent anyone who doesn’t want to sign up with these sites or go through the extra step of logging in from seeing your content or interacting with you.

Decreased likelihood that people will trust you enough to do business with you:

Since anyone can easily set up an account and start posting content on it, many disreputable social media accounts exist making people less likely to trust someone who relies on social media alone. This also makes it much easier for people to pretend to be you even if you aren’t a victim of the notoriously bad security on many social media sites.

Risk of having your account blocked or deleted:

Even if you don’t post anything considered “inappropriate”, with this list seeming to change almost daily, you may find your account blocked or deleted through no fault of your own. While this isn’t an impossibility with your own website, it’s much less likely to occur.

Risk that the owner of the social media site will suddenly decide to change everything:

At the time this blog was originally posted, it was impossible to look up Twitter.com as it was in the process of being renamed .

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